石原 政樹

CMO - 最高マーケティング責任者




高校時代に超越瞑想を学ぶ。学生時代にキャプテンを務めた剣道部の稽古の後、 しばしば幽体離脱を経験。20代後半、1日10時間を超える瞑想中に、エネルギーが覚醒、一切の存在と融合するという神秘体験をする。


学生時代から船井幸雄氏の書籍に影響を受けたことがきっかけで、 舩井幸雄グループの門を叩き、十年間社員として、ビジネス、精神世界の両面を学び、舩井会長より七沢賢治の紹介を受ける。

2016年七沢研究所グループ ロゴストロン(株)代表取締役社長に就任。

2018年親会社の七沢研究所 取締役CMO(最高マーケティング執行者)に就任。





Influenced by his Zen priest grandfather, he has been familiar with Zen and other meditation methods since childhood. In high school days he learned Transcendental Meditation and came to know Funai Yukio, president of Funai Soken of that time.

He served as a captain of Kendo club, and often had out-of-body experiences after the training, each of which lasted over 10 hours in late 20s.

One day, during meditation, he energetically awakened with a sensation of uniting with everything in the universe. After that, he practiced Shaolin kung fu, Shaolin martial arts, Tai Chi, old martial arts, Qigong, Vipassana, etc. He received a title of Master of Qigong with physical movements from the 14th chief abbot of Suzan Shorinji Temple.

Being aware of the importance of the fusion of business and consciousness, he entered Honmono Kenkyu-jyo Co., Ltd., within Funai Group. Later he met Nanasawa Kenji, representative of Nanasawa Institute Inc. through Funai Yukio, chairman of the group.

In 2016, he was appointed president of LOGOSTRON Inc. with in Nanasawa Group.

In 2018, he took office as CEO of Nanasawa Institute Inc., parent company of LOGOSTRON Inc.

Through the above experiences, he is convinced that the Ancient Shinto, Genrei, and LOGOSTRON are the key to solving any problem of modern society, and making every effort to disseminate them.