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Education for conscious evolution


「教育」は私たちNanasawa Instituteにとって、とても重要な研究テーマです。人類の意識進化と新しい社会の創造には「教育」が欠かせません。けれども「教育」といっても様々スタイルがあり、「正解」を選ぶのはとても難しいものです。

Nanasawa Instituteでは「意識」にテーマを当て、「教育を受ける土台となる『意識』そのものの可能性を広げること」をテーマに、Logostudy& Artsとして、様々な講座、セミナーを行っています。この意識という土台にアプローチする方法は、私たちの行うすべての研究開発に共通しています。

2015年には、ロゴストロン・テクノロジーをはじめとする独自のツールやメソッドを活用した高速学習システム “Logostudy”を開発。2018年には、子どもを対象にしたプログラムである「チャイルドアーツアカデミー」を開講し、約20家族が甲府に集まり、毎月、この実験的プログラムを楽しみながら学んでいます。







中埜里音井坂健一郎信原麻利恵石原政樹七沢智樹染川瀬乙、七沢清子 etc.


  • ロゴスタディベーシックテキスト

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"Education" is an essential research topic for humanity, and evolution of human consciousness and creation of a new society cannot be achieved without it.

However, there are a number of education methods and it is almost impossible to choose the "correct one" out of them.

Aiming at expanding the potentials of consciousness as the basis of education, we provide various courses and seminars of Logostudy & Arts in 2015, a fast learning system using LOGOSTRON Technology and other tools and methods. Using consciousness as the basis of education is common to the approaches of our other research and development.

In 2018, "Child Arts Academy", a fast learning program targeting children, was started, and about 20 families enjoy this experimental program in Kofu every month.

As shown in the above picture, participants performed picture-story show, musical improvisation, live paintings etc., to enhance potentials of consciousness by stimulating their five senses and more.

The program aims to provide education as a prerequisite for cultivating richness in sensibility and mind by means of art, music, recitation, learning of geometry, as well as nature experience.

Both as a fundamental education system for infants/children and a fast learning method for adults, this authentic program enables learners to acquire truly valuable knowledge and education that can be applied in every stage of life.

Major researchers are:

  • ISAKA Ken-ichiro, education researcher (Professor, Yamanashi University Graduate School)
  • NAKANO Rion, developer of an original recitation program (Graduated from Kyoto University Medical School)
  • NOBUHARA Marie (Graduated from Faculty of Education, Kyoto University)

We are also developing a new educational program for conscious evolution, using AI and VR.


NAKANO Rion, ISAKA Ken-ichiro, NOBUHARA Marie, OHNO Yasushi, ISHIHARA Masaki, NANASAWA Tomoki, SOMEKAWA Seoto, TANABE Keisuke, NANASAWA Kiyoko, etc.


  • Textbook: Logostudy Basic

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* Satoyama usually means a semi-natural area that coexists with a nearby populated area and is an important source of fuel, food, compost etc.