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neten Inc.が提案する「TOBIKURA」は、暗号通貨のみで取引可能な社会を実現する経済活動のプラットフォームであり、仮想通貨NIGIによる圧倒的に効率的な経済圏を形づくります。




杉山 彰大野靖志七沢智樹七沢清仁森岡直也 etc.

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The economic sphere of rapidly evolving crypto-currency is expected to obtain an efficiency that is fundamentally different from that of conventional banks, and thus inevitably surpass the existing economic sphere.

"TOBIKURA" proposed by neten Inc., which is an economic platform where any transaction is possible only with crypto-currency, is considered to form an overwhelmingly efficient economic zone by introducing a virtual currency NIGI.

Cryptocurrency has the characteristic that all transaction information is shared on the network. By introducing TOBIKURA as an infrastructure of market economy, it is possible to instantaneously accumulate an individual transaction and its accounting processing in a multi-dimensional and multi-layered manner by linking the cryptocurrency data and Knowledge Mandala database.

As accounting journalizing is conducted in conjunction with the above process, the journalizing on the counterpart can be done simultaneously.

TOBIKURA will spread cryptocurrency-NIGI worldwide and greatly accelerate the realization of a society, which the ongoing blockchain technology is originally expected to achieve.


SUGIYAMA Akira, OHNO Yasushi, NANASAWA Tomoki, NANASAWA Kiyohito, MORIOKA Naoya, etc.

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