Japanese Law of Success


Embodying unlimited potential





『和の成功法則』提唱者である大野靖志は、和学国際センター代表を務める七沢賢治とともに、西洋で発達してきた成功法則の長所を生かしつつ、neten Inc.の長年にわたる研究に基づいて、日本語に受け継がれてきた言語エネルギーに着目し、日本人の特性に合った成功法則の構築に至りました。





The problems that exist in the world today cannot be solved by the level of thinking that created them.




大野靖志石原政樹斉藤亘弘染川瀬乙森田雄一朗 etc.



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There are many success laws and people have practiced them to achieve happiness.

In the capitalist society, most of their goals are summarized to economic or social success, and it is true that success laws have produced constant results at an individual level.

However, nowadays, due to diversification of values ​​and changes in the way of communication, the definition of happiness based on the dichotomy of "success or failure" is becoming more and more vague.

With years of research, OHNO Yasushi, advocate of Japanese Success Laws, along with NANASAWA Kenji, CEO of neten Inc., focused on the language energy of the Japanese, which has been inherited through generations to the contemporary Japanese, and managed to develop a law of success suited for the people, while taking advantage of other laws of success developed in Western society.

When we draw a picture, we prepare a pure white canvas. But when it comes to matters of life, we fill the canvas with prejudice of past experience and the surrounding environment before starting to draw a picture.

In Japanese Law of Success, it is possible to observe a phenomenon from a non-conventionally higher level by separating and reintegrating the language within the brain, which produces our thought patterns, at a phonetic level. As a result, we can embody our "innate will to live" without being influenced by our past experiences or present living environment.

Albert Einstein said,

"The problems that exist in the world today can not be solved by the level of thinking that created them."

In present society, it is required not to solve a problem based on the dichotomy of individual and public, but to overview a problem from a layer in which those two opposing concepts are integrated.

Developed by verifying the functions of combination, harmony, and integration seen in Japanese language, and demonstrating them by rational theories, Japanese Law of Success plays an important role in creating a new society, and a new civilization.


OHNO Yasushi, ISHIHARA Masaki, SAITO Nobuhiro, SOMEKAWA Seoto, MORITA Yuichiro, etc.



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