Visualizing the technology of consciousness as conceptual devices






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  • 次元階層論


  • 主体存在論


  • 五階層理論


  • Other

-宇宙進化/新社会創造論 /霊的問題...




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LOGOSOLOGY is an "intellectual engine" for humanity to achieve evolution of consciousness.

Since the dawn of history, humans have asked themselves:

"Who am I?"

"What is a human?"

"Why do we live?"

"What is death?"

Such philosophical questions have driven them to explore in two opposite directions: science and religions.

But contemporary people have something that can integrate these opposite directions into one — LOGOSOLOGY.

It is difficult to interpret, in a logical fashion, concepts of consciousness, society, thoughts, language, brain, emotions, and god/spirit/soul, although these concepts form the essence of our life, by which we are able to remain a human and shape a human society.

Given that, neten Inc. provides humanity with a logical answer to the actualization of conscious evolution by demystifying the essence of the above concepts. It can be done by philosophical discussions and integrative analysis, using an absolute logic, which enables an unrestricted inter-dimensional shift of human consciousness.

By reviewing the answer in the light of puristic subjective view, which surpasses intuition, we transform it into an absolute conviction.

  • Conceptual devices
      • Principles of conceptual devices / Language space theory / Space-time theory / Dimensional-universe computer / Thought technology (Knowledge Modelling) / Möbius (dimensional conversion) Thinking / True-false integration thinking, etc.
  • Dimensional layer theory
      • Principles of dimensional layer theory / Paradigm of creation / Creation of space-time, etc.
  • Subject ontology
      • Principles of subject ontology / Fortune program / Divinity cognitive science, etc.
  • Five Layer Theory
      • Mind processor / Combination processor / Inter-layer shift, etc.
  • Others
      • evolution of the universe / Theory of New society creation / Spiritual problems, etc.


NANASAWA Tomoki, SUGIYAMA Akira, ISAKA Ken-ichiro, NAKANO Rion, etc.


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isonomiya =家族的集団(社会の最小単位)×最適な結合プロセッサー

Basic Concepts

Conceptual devices

Thought technologies, Spiritual problems, Creation of new society, language space, LOGOSTRON system, Paradigm of creation, Interlayer shift, Five-layered thought technology, Creation of space-time, Evolution of life, Mind processor, dimensional universe computor, Cerebral neo-neocortex, Residential environment science, Art technology, Divinity cognitive science, etc.

Formula of the level of conscious evolution

Level of conscious evolution = comprehensiveness × flexibility × stability (in terms of hierarchy of consciousness)

Formula of conscious evolution: comprehensiveness

Comprehensiveness = comprehensiveness of hierarchy of consciousness

Formula of conscious evolution: flexibility

Flexibility = flexibility by which one can freely move across layers of consciousness

Formula of conscious evolution: stability

Stability = the quality by which one can stay at any layer of consciousness they desire

Cause of conscious evolution = information

Formula of contributory level for conscious evolution

Contributory level for conscious evolution = production volume × supply volume × layer level (in terms of information)

Formula of isonomiya

isonomiya = familial group (minimum social unit) × most appropriate connective processor